About us

Founded in 1956, CeoCor – the European Committee for the Study of Corrosion and Protection of Pipes and Pipelines Systems Drinking Water, Waste Water, Gas and Oil – is an international scientific non-profit association active throughout Europe in matters relating to corrosion and protection of pipes and pipeline systems. 

CeoCor Commission 1

Deals with the interaction between transported or stored water and metallic or cement-based materials. Such inter action may lead to the deterioration of the materials themselves and/or deterioration in the qualities of the transported water.

CeoCor Commission 2

Deals with external corrosion and cathodic protection against corrosion, mainly for water, oil and gas pipelines and relevant infrastructures. AC and DC stray currents and electrical interferences are in the field of competences of this Commission.

CeoCor brings together specialists from universities, research centers, institutes and companies within:

  • Water, gas and oil distribution
  • Waste water collection and treatment
  • Pipe production and the manufacture of equipment for cathodic protection systems

The Congress

consists of about 40 high level technical presentations, working group meetings and a technical exhibition.

Local Organizer

Austrian Association for Gas and Water
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